I offer Historical Restoration, Preservation, and Reproduction of Architectural Adornments, Cartouches, and one of a kind tile.  
My services include in detail proposals concerning reproduction of work for Historical Houses and buildings.  This includes on site consultation and proposals.  Working with the client throughout each project.  Research and Design of work.  Proposals to be included in applications for Historical designations and Mills act.  Cartouches and tiles are hand made and reproduced solely for each owner.
My training as an artist and artisan began in my youth.  Throughout my formative years I worked for my father's company in Colorado.  During these times I learned the craft of Interior Plaster, Stucco, cement and concrete, and was involved in several straw bale projects.  This training along with a lifetime of being a ceramic artist and mold maker has given me the experience and insight to reproducing authentic Historical reproductions for home owners and businesses.

South Park Residence

Ernest Batchelder Fireplace Restoration Project 2023

Kensington Residence

Handmade Vintage Tile Restoration Project

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