My artwork moves in between vessel making, sculptural wall work, body castings, installations and performance pieces. My primary medium is clay, both fired and unfired. I also use a variety of other materials such as glaze and paint, plaster and cement, wax and encaustic, wood and found objects.

The mystical, the numinous, and the unexplainable are the subjects that preoccupy my artwork. Cosmology, existentialism, and Catholicism in all its’ manifestations, also play an underlying role in my work.

Intuitive thinking and making have dominated my art processes. As I draw, render, wax, or manipulate the surfaces of the material, I am, in a sense, having a dialog with it. There is no audience at this moment, but solely a maker and his objects. My choice of materials and intuitive way of working is then communicated to the viewer to elicit physical and emotional responses.